130. Sandy McQuickSand

Friday February 5 2021

“Growing up I always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.”

Pretty accurate, that, thanks to the TV shows that showed the struggle of battling those shifty grains. “Don’t struggle,” we learned. And “grab onto this,” if one was lucky enough to have a friend nearby on solid ground. We took this to heart as a life lessons, something to be stored away for that critical moment in our life.

Yet, I’ve never even come across a pit of quicksand, let alone needed rescued from its sandy depths. (1.)

And as we think over this last few months, we’ve all had our share of misguided fears, too. You know, the things that hit the headlines until one day we realized that nobody’s talking about it anymore.

Remember how murder hornets were coming to your backyard garden or speaking of, those mysterious seeds coming from China that just appeared in some mailboxes? And I don’t know, is that nationwide coin shortage still going on, because that little cubby hole in my car has a fine collection I need to unload. But we did had some things, like Fat Bear Week, those pre-Armageddon dancing robots, and seeing dogs back in the White House as a welcome distraction to the unbalanced reality of living in a pandemic.

In the interest of capturing some bits for historical purposes, let’s do an update of what’s on our collective minds right now as we end this week.

  • Super Bowl LV is coming up on Sunday, much to the excitement of sports fans. But not so fast there with the taco dip, guys. Not only are there caution signs going up on how to avoid creating a Super Bowl Party Super Spreader in your house, but some of the big advertisers are reconsidering that $5.5 million investment for thirty seconds of your attention. Budweiser will keep their famous Clydesdales in their heated stables, spending their advertising budget on COVID-19 vaccine awareness instead (you’ll still get to enjoy Bud Light and Michelob ads, though). Hyundai, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola Co. have decided to redirect their Super Bowl ad budgets as well.
  • Puppy Bowl XVII is coming up on Sunday, much to the excitement of the rest of us who don’t follow football. Kudos to the Discovery Channel for their continuing efforts in raising awareness of shelter dogs. For socially-distant appropriate interactions, you can vote for your favorite pup online.
  • The second impeachment trial of former President Trump is still a go. A historical first as no other U.S. president has been impeached twice. What a cluster, no matter which team you’re rooting for.
  • Arrests continue for those believed to have involvement in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. This is serious stuff, but still, we’re all amused by the some of these folk getting a bit of karma. The self-titled QAnon Shaman has been on a hunger strike at an Arizona jail as he can only eat at organic diet because he’s you know, a shaman. After several days, a court has ordered the jail to provide an appropriate diet be fed to the shirtless, face-painted, horned-helmet wearing shaman who, by the photos I’ve seen of him yelling, has had access to better dental care than I have. I don’t know this guy, but he comes off as someone who’s no stranger to privilege and I find him quite annoying.
  • My mom got her first COVID-19 vaccination this week and I feel a bit better about things.

(1.) To be honest, here in the contiguous United States, it’s sinkholes that are worrisome. Those things come out of freaking nowhere to consume cars, houses, and even museums. Even in the heart of America, our beautiful Ohio, we have our problem spots. We didn’t learn any life skills on TV about navigating this particular prob and I don’t know who to blame for that miss.

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