110. DOTUS

Sunday November 8 2020

It’s being projected, by the media at least, that the election results are a given. Sure, there are still a few ballot recounts and a handful of lawsuits being powered by the Trump train, but it’s not expected to change anything at this point.

So it looks like we have a new First-DOTUS. Well, even better than that. We have two dogs that will be residing in the White House.

Joe and Dr. Jill Biden are apparently big dog people and I respect that preference, being a bit of a connoisseur of this fine species myself. Hashtag IlikebigmuttsandIcannotlie.

Source: Dr. Jill Biden’s Twitter Account @DrBiden

Already celebrities on Dr. Jill’s Twitter account, I expect to be seeing more of Champ and Major.

To be honest, I’m a bit skeptical of Major’s claim as the First Rescue Dog to live in the White House. Not sure where this proclamation got started (maybe here on NBC News), but I recall stories of strays being adopted into the White House over the last couple hundred years. Especially taking into account the Teddy Roosevelt administration. An enthusiast of all things wild and wooly, that guy just about had a full-on zoo happening on the lawn.

And sure, we know most of the DOTUS’s were purebreds, many actually gifted to the presidents. But still, a quick scan of whitehousehistory.org reminds us that Teddy Roosevelt’s menagerie included Skip, a mongrel terrier he brought back from a bear hunt in Colorado. And President Johnson adored Yuki, an abandoned stray found at a gas station in Texas.

Guessing they’re using a particular criterion. Maybe Major is the first White House dog to be adopted from a certified animal rescue organization. And that’s totally ok, right? Props to all the animal rescues across our nation. I hope the good press helps all of you.

I’ll be glad to see dogs in the White House again after these last barren four years of no dog hair wafting through the oval office. And to Champ, who was a resident during the Obama years, welcome back buddy.  

We’re counting on you, Champ and Major. Make big dogs great again.

Oh, as if.

Big dogs have never dropped the ball on being awesome.

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