109. Yeah, no, Twitter

Friday November 6 2020

The President of the United States is golfing today; his 209th golf outing since he’s taken office nearly four years ago. This isn’t really remarkable on its own. All of our presidents enjoyed pastimes to get them through the stress of maintaining the position of one of the most powerful positions on our big blue marble. Actually, golfing seems like a healthy coping mechanism. Could be worse, like warmongering or kicking your dog.

What does seem out of place is that he decides today is a good time to not be in the White House. This has been a long month of a week, what with the election and uncounted ballots and all. The race between the two primary contenders has been slim margins since Tuesday, with some plot twists as the absentee ballots are counted. Heck, even the rapper guy, who married that lady who’s famous for being famous, rolled in 60,000 votes on the Independent ticket. Say what you want, but I can’t even get ten people to respond to a meeting invite, let alone get any votes.

Minutes ago, before noon, the news outlets released their projection that Joe Biden has won the presidency by reaching the obligatory electoral vote threshold to become our 46th Commander in Chief. Pennsylvania’s win of 20 electoral votes brought him to the top of the hill. If this holds, and it looks like it will, this will be the first time an incumbent has lost the election in nearly three decades (George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in 1992).

To make this even more historical, the projected vice-president, Kamala Harris, will be the first woman, first black, and first South Asian to hold this office. An extraordinary win for women in general, but especially for women of color. She is destined to be role model for young girls who dream of big things. Every fifth grade girl in the United States will choose Kamala Harris for their book reports next year, you know that’s true. I would. I did mine on Jackie O, because that’s the kind of pool we had to fish from in the seventies.  

I hope she doesn’t screw this up. Stay strong for us and keep fighting the good fight for our nation’s future female leaders. At the very least, keep things honest and professional, won’t you? After all, you’ll have the powerhouse of Dr. Jill Biden nearby as FLOTUS.  

Speaking of the POTUS.

So, after all the blustering about fraud among the polls, how is our president taking this news of the biggest plot twist of this new-ish century?

Right. How do you think he’s doing?

I don’t know who had to walk onto the Trump golf course to give the update, but buddy, I hope you’re ok.

Tweet from this morning, November 7 2020. All caps in case you couldn’t read this loud enough.

Ok, totally expected that.

But this?  I admit this kinda pisses me off. WTF, Twitter?

It seems that Twitter has the legal right to invoke censorship at their whimsy. Actually, I’m not sure about the legality, but here we are anyway. I don’t where the line is drawn for violating Twitter’s terms and conditions. Guessing maybe it’s the usual suspects of violence and porn, but they’ve taken their fake news vigilantism to a personal level. Do they do this with other important people of note or just those with opposing views? Look, I know our president can be a braggart and a gasbag. He can spew out some toxic stuff that is unbecoming of one the most powerful men alive. But still, Twitter. Is that really your job to police this activity?

BTW, most of the censored tweets were outright accusations of misconduct and fraud with the voting process; all these claims are unsupported. Maybe if he kinda put it out there that he thinks some dodgy shit was going down, Twitter would have permitted his concerns to be aired. Yeah, no. Probably not.

So anyway, the beheadings start Monday in the form of lawsuits. The president’s legal team will challenge the results of every electoral vote not in his favor. Trump has announced that not only did he win this election, but he won big. He has no intention of conceding, he says. Which has no legal implications, this not conceding thing, because The Constitution says so. But it’s just not good form.  

I don’t even know how to think about this. To be clear, I have no love for either candidate and remain kerfuffled over how these two even stood on the shoulders of others to be our top choices. When I was in high school, I recall our history teacher, Mr. R, telling us who we needed to run this country was a successful businessman, not a career politician, but the presidential salary scale was too low for any prominent CEO to consider. That sounded as stupid then as it does now. Same guy also told us that JFK was elected because women were given the right to vote and they thought Kennedy was adorable. Idiot.

And here we had a businessman and a career politician competing for the same office, with one alleged winner coming in on a very thin margin. What that says to me is we needed at least one candidate that would appeal to a majority of voters. It feels right now that everybody has lost.

Our already divided nation is collectively losing its mind right now.

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