25. Hornets and tigers

Thursday May 7 2020

And now we have Murder Hornets and all the OMG news that goes with such a thing. To be honest, I haven’t looked into this. I’m still waiting to meet a Killer Bee from the 70’s.

The thing with social media is everyone going on about what they’re doing to stay sane during quarantine. All the projects getting done and whatever. I’m over here working two part-time jobs and have less disposable time than this time last year. I feel out of the cultural loop with this. I don’t get some of the jokes going around, like when the Tiger King memes first came out.

I think the Tiger King was a movie or series about a mullet-sporting fella running an exotic animal zoo. Or something. There’s also Carol, who may or may not have killed her husband and fed him to the tigers. Even if I had time, I wouldn’t watch this shit, but it annoys me that I didn’t know about it when it was discovered as an appropriate way to fill the empty hours.

Social media is all about how people are trying to survive their days of isolation or trapped with their families. Meanwhile, we’re still going to work everyday as essential workers. Not hero workers like first responders and medical staff, but the other stuff that is needed. Don works with commercial tires to keep ambulances and delivery trucks on the road. And I’m working for a CPA tax business. This ain’t sexy stuff, but it’s all essential in its own underdog hero way, I guess.

Governor DeWine announced more business openings in May. The plan has manufacturing opening, then restaurants with outdoor seating to be followed by indoor service with social distancing protocol. Beauty salons are opening later this month. DeWine is also rumored to veto an action to knock Dr. Acton down a notch. There’s been criticism that Dr. Acton is overstepping her authority with some of her Health & Safety mandates. DeWine disagrees and feels she should have the singular power to make these decisions for public safety. Many laud her for her leadership skills in these unprecedented times. Others are protesting her abuse of power by demonstrating outside her home.

DeWine made a public announcement that if people felt the need to protest, to do it at his home as he’s our state leader. “Bring it on me,” he says. Seriously, people are fucking nuts and need to step it back a bit. To protest at someone’s home is beyond appropriate. That’s intimidation and Acton is not a woman to back down. And really, let’s leave her family out of it, people.

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