129. It’s Groundhog Day. Again.

Tuesday February 2 2021

There’s a much discussed controversy about how many days Phil Connors (Bill Murray) relived in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day. Depending upon the time and space continuum expert consulted, it was somewhere between ten and ten thousand years. After all, how long would it take you to master the piano and ice sculpting, learn to speak French, and win the love of your dreams? Rumor is Bill Murray got bit by the star rodent and had to get rabies shots, so there’s that, too.

Sure, but how many times have I shared this photo of Jager? I don’t know, actually. Long enough to have misplaced the original jpg file and only have this meme to post on social media year after year.

We lost our intrepid multiple-breed-but-there-has-to-be-terrier-in-there a little more than a year ago. But we sure miss the little bugger, so I’m glad for an opportunity to share his face once again.

See you next year, kid. We miss you.

No groundhogs were harmed here. That’s my kid’s bear foot slipper that became a dog toy, against my wishes.

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