99. Fat Bear Week

Saturday October 3 2020

Honky Chonk Beardonkadonk

I will practice saying that until I perfect the chonkiness of its lovely rhythm.

The National Park Service has come to our rescue with a distraction to this week’s news shitstorm by introducing the unexpected hashtag of #FatBearWeek.

A Fat Bear Week contender fishes for salmon. NPS/N. Boak

Brought to us through the partnership of Katmai National Park & Preserve, explore.org and the Katmai Conservancy. Here’s what they have to say about Fat Bear Week.

#FatBearWeek is off and running. Well, maybe not running. Don’t get any ideas. Despite the extra weight they are carrying, these burly beasts can still move faster than most humans. (Slower friends should still be wary of hiking invites.) Why do bears want to pack on the pounds? Bears eat as much as they can to build up crucial fat reserves in advance of winter hibernation. Stocking up on salmon will help them through the winter and be able to live to compete another year. ⁣Fat bears = healthy bears.

Visit explore.org/fat-bear-week daily through Championship Tuesday, October 6th to vote for your favorites.

Meet 747, a bear as big as a jet. At this time, 747 is weighing in at an approximate 1400 lbs. and eating about 40 salmon a day to maintain that hibernation-ready figure.

This is the guy that has my vote. And not because of his contender size.

It’s that tail.

I can’t even.

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