98. Is COVID-19 Ego-resistant?

Friday October 2 2020

Holy ‘rona, what a week, y’all.

Ok, so first President Trump makes his nomination for a supreme court justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Against Justice Ginsburg’s wishes for everyone to wait until after the election, because Trump.

Then there was the presidential debate, which was a cluster-fuck, can we all agree on that? While we’re still processing just what the hell happened there, the biggest news comes overnight from the President’s Twitter account.

At 4:00 am this morning, our nation’s president, the Commander in Chief of the superpower nation of the United States, puts out a tweet. Me and the wife got the ‘rona, tweets his Twitter profile.

Oh sure, I paraphrased, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Why do we, the American public, have to get the news from a social media platform? IMHO, that’s kinda messed up.

The POTUS and FLOTUS get tested for coronavirus regularly, although the answer of how often depends on who you ask. If Trump tested positive yesterday, he was a carrier during the debates, as well as everywhere else they traveled this week while campaigning. Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, announced he’s still testing negative. But if he should have inhaled a cootie from the spit-spray during the debate, he has a two-week incubation period for this news to change.

It’s also important to make a note here that President Trump chooses to not wear a face mask, even when in crowds. This protection is not required of those closest to him in the White House, nor by the multitudes cheering him on at the rallies. He’s openly mocked Biden for his choice in wearing a face covering.

“Every time you see him, he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from them, and he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

President Trump on Joe Biden, Sept. 29 2020 Presidential Debate

“It gives him a feeling of security,” the President said. “If I was a psychiatrist, I’d say this guy has some big issues.”

President Trump on Joe Biden, source cnn.com

I turned to news radio during my commute to the office, switching between a balanced news source and a far-right-wing gas bag, because I love the polarization of viewpoints. Kinda fascinating, really. A lot of what-ifs about the possibility of upcoming debates and impact of traveling the campaign trail. You know what I didn’t hear, though? And I don’t know the answer to this. What happens if Trump becomes disabled, or worse (sorry), and is removed from the ballots? How does that work?

The news of positive Presidential infection took no time at all to whet the appetites of the conspiracy theorists. This is well-planned, they say. The theory is that Trump is not actually infected, but because he’s trailing Biden in popularity, this gets his name rolling from everyone’s tongues during a tough campaign, outplaying any attention to Biden. And of course, no campaign dollars need spent on this kind of advertising. We can just cancel those messy debates, too.

The shitty thing about this conspiracy theory is that it actually makes a little sense and is totally doable with little effort. You would need very few people to be involved and whatever is fed to the press will be shared with the masses. We heard today that he and Melania are asymptomatic or have at least minor symptoms, telling us this is real, but without providing a source to prove this wrong.

As I write this, I get a news alert that this afternoon President Trump has boarded Marine One from the White House to be transported to Walter Reed. But not so fast there, daydream believer, the conspiracy theorists claim that’s a body double in the media photos. Ugh.

Me? I’m not the kind of person who wishes someone ill. I would never; just doesn’t fit my value system. To anyone facing COVID-19, I will always wish a mild case and speedy recovery. Otherwise, I think this is worth a journal entry now and a follow-up as things progress. Let’s see what happens over these next two weeks.

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