66. Scam-patties

Saturday July 25 2020

Just to prove that I have neither the intellect or internal malice to be a criminal mastermind, I did another search today on the mystery China seed mailings and was surprised with one suggestion what could be behind this.

I’m over here thinking botanical warfare or something when it might be simply a scam to get your money. The Fake Listing Scam is an old, but clever one, with a good success rate.

From snopes.com, “Are Americans Receiving Unsolicited Mailings of Seeds from China?,” published July 25 2020:

Less certain is the purpose behind the mailings. Explanations from drug smuggling to attempts to trick Americans into planting harmful invasive species have been mooted, although a somewhat different motive has also been suggested: “Better Business Bureau’s Jane Rupp has another theory. She thinks it could simply be a scam relating to customer reviews, in which companies post low-cost items so they can write fake reviews for their business in a resident’s name.”

As U.S. News & World Report explained, the “Fake Listing Scam” is employed by disreputable sellers on sites such as Amazon.com, as they attempt to build up false reputations as reliable vendors in order to facilitate luring victims to their scams.

Cripes almighty, people.

We can’t go into stores because other people are snot-handling the stuff we want to buy. While shopping online is an exercise in sidestepping scam-patties on our way to buy a cow.

Wait, did that metaphor make sense? You got that it was a bullshit reference, right? Nobody buys a cow online, I know that. Do they? The shipping and handling cost alone would be udderly bullish.

Sorry, not sorry.

Speaking of bulls, here’s a riddle for you.

If Mama bull, Papa bull and Baby bull are in a pasture and the Baby bull gets frightened by something, who would he run to first?

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