67. Mystery Meat

Sunday July 26 2020

That’s no bull.

By the way, you know there’s no such thing as a Momma Bull, right? Or a baby bull? Just checking.

We’ve heard some welcome news these past few days about the reopening of a few businesses on a national scale that have been closed since March. Among these are The National Zoo and Old Country Buffet. Oh sure, I’m wondering the same, but no relation to each other.

I consciously choose to avoid Old Country Buffet – I prefer a bowel cleansing the old-fashioned way by binging on a Big Mac – so that re-grand opening isn’t really news-worthy for me. Although I did hear that they’ll be slinging the chow as cafeteria style instead of the open grazing bar of times past. One could expect that will cut down on a big part of the germ infestation living on the communal serving spoons. Now if they would just wipe down the backs of those sticky chairs.

And break time is now over for the zoo animals. Smithsonian announced the National Zoo is approved to open, but with the New Normal guidelines of masks and social distancing. Visitors will need to have a time-reserved pass to enter, with a limit of 5,000 guests permitted per day. I don’t know what the usual summer attendance numbers were before, but I’m curious. An Air & Space Museum in Virginia will open as well, but the Smithsonian is keeping all other museums in their network closed for now.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the county, mask-shaming is the newest trend. Wait, I didn’t say that right. It’s people who refuse to wear masks and proceed to have hissy fits in public when asked to just wear the thing and shut-up but instead get their performance recorded on someone’s smart phone which of course gets posted to ten different levels of social media for everyone else to judge that are being shamed.

We have such power in the device we hold on our hands. And we use it to mock other people so we can feel better about our own choices. That’s kinda shameful, isn’t it?

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