10. Sick news day

Saturday April 11 2020

Those in power have decided to change the way they’re collecting stats and I’m in a down mood today, so will just cut and paste from the state’s website. Don’t feel like typing much.

The news on NPR yesterday morning was sick. Listened to the news stories instead of a podcast, a bad choice for a Friday morning. It was one slam after another. The farmers in southern states that provide most of the produce for mass usage such as restaurants, schools, and institutions are destroying tons of fresh grown food. There’s no place to ship it to anymore. So they’re plowing over fields of perfectly good edible produce. Meanwhile, food banks are struggling and low-income families are in need of healthy food.

There is talk about how COVID-19 is possibly, probably?, airborne to some extent. Not just transmitted by droplets. The cooler weather preserves the virus in the air longer, too.

The government’s unemployment office is ironically hiring more workers and people are working nights and weekends to process the millions of claims coming through. A state worker was interviewed and she shared how the mountains of paperwork are creating stress and burnout.

There was more and I wanted to not listen and yet be informed of everything. How can we survive this?

There are protesters to the shut-downs, claiming the extreme action by our government is worse than letting the virus take its course. These people aren’t sick yet, so they have that advantage to support their attitude. I still don’t know anyone personally who’s been ill. So I also have the luxury of sitting here, writing this, and wondering if we’re doing the right thing.

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