9. Easter is cancelled

Thursday April 9 2020

Ohio Confirmed cases: 5,512
Deaths: 213

Stopped at the grocery this afternoon. Thought I could get by another day by mucking around with stuff from the freezer for dinner, but I needed mayonnaise for our tuna fish sandwiches tomorrow, last day of Lent and all. Good Friday is tomorrow and that surprise is only surpassed by the fact that Sunday is Easter. And the Pope cancelled that, so there you go.

The Kroger trip went without incident, a goal I didn’t even know I had. They announced a change this week where they were only allowing so many people in at a time. When they hit that limit, they would cattle corral the other shoppers outside until someone left. Similar to what some of the other big box stores have been doing. So you would think that will keep some folk from making small trips, which is good. I didn’t have to wait outside, like a scene from Dr. Zhivago, but I did try to make the shopping trip worth it. Got more stuff to last a few days, I think.

I’m just screwed for an Easter dinner if I wanted to make it special. I got a turkey breast to roast, only because it was cheaper than buying a ham. But that’s it. Besides, it will just be the two of us. We’ve had these couple-style holidays before, but this seems extra sad to be away from family. I entertained the thought of doing carry-out from somewhere local for Easter to support small business. And honestly, I’m confused if that’s a good thing or instead if it’s taking advantage of businesses making their people work on a holiday. My value system is on a teeter-totter. What is the right moral thing these days?

But hey, here’s another meme to represent where we are. I’m sending this out to the woman breathing on the back of my neck in the check-out line today.

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