8. Gas cooties

Wednesday April 8 2020

Ohio Confirmed cases: 5,148
Deaths: 193

Had to put gas in my car this afternoon. Finally did what I always thought about. Gas pump handles are nasty, they have got to be one of the biggest carrier of cooties without even mentioning the stink of gasoline on them. Today I wore latex gloves to pump gas. Then took a sanitizing cloth from the container I’m keeping on the passenger seat and wiped off my credit card. I took Holly and Neptune with me just to give them something new to do. Just cracked the back windows for them.

Some things came up in the office this week that has me considering how we could possibly work remotely. If we’re not seeing clients, then we go in every day at a predetermined time to pick up new work. Does that make sense though? We’re still being exposed to paperwork that’s been in other people’s hands. I don’t have the right answer. I’m just scared.

I had something in my right eye today. I don’t know – an eyelash? dog hair? We’re advised to not touch our face, eyes, nose, or mouth. I touched my eye. Had to, it hurt so bad I couldn’t keep my eye open. Not sure what germs I’ve just unloosed into my body. My eye still hurts, just in a different way since I scraped around in there with a finger.

This infographic looks familiar and it took me a bit to realize why. When I was a teenager, the guidance counselor at the joint vocational school had a poster about the spread of STD’s. “If Sally has gonorrhea and sleeps with Jim …” then showed the exponential results of infecting three quarters of the midwest’s teenagers because lord knows that how it was in the late seventies. Which reminds me of a billboard that was along Salem Avenue about the same time that said “Clap in Dayton isn’t applause,” or something like that. Oh, for the old days of diseases that can be cured after five days of antibiotics.

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