7. Turdsday

Tuesday April 7 2020

I had my fingers in the wrong placement on the keyboard and actually started to write the day as turd. Today is Turdsday, 3,203rd day of the world deflating.

Mentioned by Dr. Amy Acton on the daily news briefing with Mike DeWine, there is no business untouched in the United States by this pandemic. I’m trying to prove that wrong, but don’t think it’s possible.

Who is assured of a job right now? Healthcare workers – and not just doctors and nurses. Those in administration along with the low paying jobs in housekeeping and sanitation. Biological testing facilities are in good shape, I would think. Likely even working overtime. Groceries and mini-marts are seeing record sales.

I haven’t seen any stats, but I’ll take a swag that donations are down at churches and non-profit human services organizations.

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