6. Bogeyman is coming

Monday April 6 2020

Ohio Confirmed cases: 4,450
Deaths: 142

The puppy was restless in his crate last night, barking out of boredom. It made hitting a good REM sleep impossible. Then of course, I overslept with a barrage of weird dreams still bouncing around in my head. I made it through a productive day at both jobs, but hitting a wall now at 9:30 tonight. Stress, anxiety, worry, and sleep deprivation are weighing heavy on me.

Meanwhile, we wait for the bogeyman to come get us. It’s predicted these next two weeks are going see a huge increase in COVID cases. He’s coming. And all we’re told to do is batten the hatches and wash our hands for twenty seconds.

Some big box stores like Lowes and Walmart are putting up cattle lines for people to wait to be let into the store. Only so many people per square foot or something. I just saw an article that Kroger is planning the same. When I was at the grocery on Sunday, it was as crowded as it was pre-pandemic. I think the community gave it their all for about three days, then said this is bullshit, and continued as they were.

I’m annoyed by the vigilantes who are watching for every infraction. They say families should only send one person out, not everyone’s whole famdamily. And why bring children out when you’re just exposing them to possible contamination. I think it’s not our job to police those that are idiots. And then I think of Samantha and all the health workers at ground zero. They’re risking their very lives because of the idiots who end up with the virus due to carelessness.

I’m scared of something I can’t see. It’s merely a presence, an entity that exists to pounce with a surprise attack.   

Every day I wait to hear that one or both of us has lost our jobs.

The CPA today told me, as she has every day for the past week, which of our small business clients have closed up shop for good. One client claims to be losing $100,000 a month in lost sales. The phone rings constantly with business owners looking for guidance for some elusive small business loan the government has kinda promised with a first come, first served program.

America’s new tagline: These are difficult times®

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