119. Black and Purple

Friday November 27 2020

Four Ohio counties have now been upgraded to Level 4 Purple according to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

Source: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/public-health-advisory-system

Added to the already tainted county of Franklin, we now have Lake and Lorain as two northern counties to wear the purple letter over their breast. And our home county of Montgomery now stands out in this sea of red.

There are another eleven counties on the watch list; most of these are in the Cincinnati and Akron regions.

The salad bar is now a dinner roll display. The Christmas tree and fake snow are extra touches.

There are no additional mandates imposed by Ohio for those living in Level 4 areas, but we’re asked to at least try to hunker down in our homes and only go out for necessities like food and medical care. I popped into the grocery on Tuesday, two days before Thanksgiving, and witnessed little consideration for social distancing or touching stuff just to put it back on the shelf. I did notice that the communal Kroger salad bar was closed again and set up for Thanksgiving holiday shoppers.

Speaking of, Black Friday will look different today than ever before. Stores are opening early, but have protocols in place to enforce mask wearing and such. I’ll participate this year the same as usual, which is pretty much ignoring this commercialized tradition.

The thought of being among a crowd of aggressive shoppers on a single-minded mission to get what’s due them, has always been unbearable. I don’t even need the easy-out of a pandemic to just stay home today.

Still, our economy needs the boost of these holiday sales. This year I’ll be focusing on our smaller, locally-owned shops. They need some extra love after being just brutalized these last few months.

How about a quick recap of the headlines? It’s been another month of a week.

They say installing a monolith on government land is illegal, no matter what planet you’re from.

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