19. Responsible Restart Ohio

Monday April 27 2020

We have started “Responsible Restart Ohio,” y’all. Some say it’s about time and others await the kaboom of new COVID cases. At any rate, the whole thing is a bit confusing and will certainly be screwed up in less than a New York minute.

Maybe that’s just my cynical side talking.

I went to Ohio’s COVID website to get a summary of the changes and was not surprised to see there is no summary. But I did pull this off Facebook, so it must be true.

May 1 – Healthcare. All procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital can resume. Dentists and Veterinarians can begin taking patients.

May 4 – Manufacturing, Distribution and Construction and General Office Environments.

May 12 – Consumer, Retail and Services.

Several activities were not included in the initial announcement of guidelines.

  • Group gatherings of ten or more people will be restricted.
  • Hair salons and barber shops and other close contact service businesses remain on shutdown, though Gov. DeWine said finding a way to re-open those businesses is in the forefront of his administration’s attention.
  • Restaurants and bars still cannot have in-house customers and will continue to operate through pick-up and delivery orders until new protocols are developed.

And some government staffer put together this graphic so at least we can be clear on the things we still cannot do.

The six-feet-apart rule still goes and is now on the Mandatory list, along with face masks for everyone. Stores are required to provide special hours for the at-risk population to shop.

I still have the occasional blip of a thought that we’re going too far with this. Then I want to remind myself that I don’t personally know anyone who’s been infected. After that, I feel like we’re all in a bad science fiction movie. The kind when the scientists knows what’s about to happen, but nobody listens to their warnings until it’s too late and then they’re all like “why didn’t you tell us!”

Yeah, that movie.

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