18. It’s in the curtains

Sunday April 26 2020

Feeling rather meh today. The windows are closed and heat back on after a beautiful day yesterday. Now it’s cold and rainy. I don’t know for sure that’s what’s affecting my mood, but I keep having little anxiety bursts that I can’t really identify.

Need to do the big weekly grocery shopping trip today. I had to make a mid-week trip a few days ago and wore my mask for the first time. I felt it was time since my spring allergies have me sniffly and I propel the occasional wet sneeze. I wasn’t being completely altruistic in wanting to protect the hordes from my sneeze propelled cooties, but rather I didn’t want to receive nasty looks from the other shoppers.

In the end, I never did sneeze inside the mask. Didn’t need to; by the time I was done shopping, the mask was a damp mess just from my breathing. And it kept fogging my glasses. This is bullshit, but I suppose I’ll wear it again today.

I hear from some sources it’s possible to be carrying the virus for two weeks before becoming symptomatic. Other sources say 48 hours. Either way, if and when I get sick, I’ll be looking back as far as I can to determine who I had any contact with so I can let them know. Whenever possible, of course. I’m not likely to call the grocery to have them review their security tapes or anything. My contact list is pretty small with just living with one other person and the small team I work with in the office. I did see the Amos’s once last week by their invitation and the guilt of breaking quarantine is weighing on me like an elephant on my chest. I won’t relax from this for at least two weeks.

Still cooking every day, and to be honest, it’s getting old. The kitchen is never clean, no matter how often I run the dishwasher. There are always dirty dishes, smelly pans and skillets sitting out. I’m able to get a bit more creative by using the Instant Pot by making dishes I’ve not tried before.

Last night I made honey garlic chicken, which came out pretty good. Better than last week’s jambalaya. I can still smell that one. I think the pressure-cooked seasonings are embedded in the kitchen curtains.

Hashtag steamstink. Guess that’s a thing.

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