16. Cat COVID

Thursday April 23 2020

You know, the numbers that popped out to me on today’s Ohio stat grid is the ICU admissions compared to the total deaths. I realize not all the deaths happened while in ICU, but those two stats are getting closer together. It makes it look like fewer people are recovering once they hit that critical stage.

On NPR yesterday, paramedics in New York City were interviewed about what they’re seeing. The common factor was how many heart attacks they were responding to. The initial symptoms sounded like the early onset of COVID that started a few days before the heart attack. All the people they mentioned died at the scene, in their homes, regardless of what the paramedics did.

I’m trying to find that story on NPR’s website to get some of the numbers they said (13 heart attack responses in a day?) but can’t find the right story. Instead I found some other paramedic stories that just scared the shit out of me.

There’s talk from our governmental leaders about loosening the shelter in place rulings, starting May 1. I caught the end of the daily Ohio governor’s update yesterday. One reporter asked what made May 1 the best day to begin. What magic formula was used to determine that will be the day? DeWine gave that question a politician’s answer and I lost interest after the first two sentences.

With springtime, comes seasonal allergies. I have the familiar scratchy throat and itchy eyes that I know so well. But is it just hay fever? How do I know that it’s not early COVID? I don’t, so I’m taking my temperature every day.

I had a kitchen window open earlier this morning to get some fresh air in this house. Felt a sneeze coming on. Heard a “bless you” from the driveway next door. I closed the window. It’s not warm enough out anyway.

Wear a mask, Felix.
(Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani on Pexels.com)

So two cats in NYC have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus, along with eight lions and tigers at the New York Zoo. Officials are stressing there is no evidence that the virus can be spread by our pets. Whatev. People will be panicking soon enough, making them think twice about that new pup they adopted because they’re stuck at home and a dog would be fun. The saddest victims are the innocents.

CNN states that COVID-19 has infected more than 2.6 million people and killed at least 183,000 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. I’m calculating a 7% death rate here; it’s usually stated at 2-3% showing you can make stats show whatever you want.

More than 46,000 people have died in the United States. If you average that out by the fifty states, it’s 920 deaths per state, putting Ohio well below the average with a 4% death rate.  

Don mentioned two things he saw yesterday when driving, both remarkable and in very different ways. Driving near Carillon Park, he saw one of the city’s bald eagles flying by the river. White head, expansive wingspan, and soaring effortlessly. I’m stupid jealous.

Then he also saw a guy driving a car, wearing a fabric mask and smoking a cigarette. Through. The. Mask. This idiot was alone in his car.

So many questions. Why wear a mask when driving solo in your car? Why not just slip it down to smoke? Does the mask now have a yellow circle in the center? What other poor life choices has this guy made?

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