15. Sammy Sunday

Sunday April 19 2020

Sundays are our usual grocery day, mostly because I buy lunch meat for the week’s sandwiches and I want it as fresh as possible. But to be fully transparent here, it’s the latest I can put it off before starting the workweek.

It’s difficult to grocery shop on weekdays. I feel guilty with the pup in the crate while I’m at the office, then come home to toilet him, just to put him back in the crate while I go back out. Same for the Micron and Holly; I feel bad leaving them alone. And that’s why I go Krogering on Sundays.

I work to give my dogs a better life.

I bought a fabric face mask, but it’s super uncomfortable. I don’t know how to position it so my glasses don’t fog and it’s a claustrophobic reminder that I don’t like my face touched. I haven’t worn it in public yet. Societal pressure has been increasing to wear face masks, even though the science isn’t truly behind them. The face masks aren’t to protect the wearer, we’re told, but instead they protect others from the wearer’s germs. If you sneeze while wearing one, God forbid, your possibly viral infected snot will be contained nicely within your now swampy fabric mask. I bought one in a dark color for this very reason.

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