4. We need a bigger park

Friday April 3 2020

Ohio Confirmed cases: 3,312
Deaths: 91

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Ohio announced today the temporary closure of Hocking Hills, one of our state parks. One of the things we’re encouraged to do is get outside for fresh air and sunshine. But not at Hocking Hills, I guess. This is a popular place for day hiking and exploring natural sights. Those in charge feel that with so many out of work people walking around there, they can’t count on some to observe the six-foot rule. And that’s just another way a few people ruin everything for everybody. I’ve never been to Hocking Hills, but I hear it’s lovely. Maybe it will have a chance to heal and grow in beauty without everyone stomping through it.

I mentioned the RV I saw to Don last night. He thought maybe they taking it someplace for storage. We have a lot here in town that stores the super expensive RV’s. He’s probably right, but my story is more romantic.

My energy level is low today. I’m getting that shitty feeling of being overwhelmed again. Hate it.

Heard a story on NPR this morning about Zoom, a video chat software that has exploded in popularity in the past few weeks. Schools are using it for student-teacher classrooms and businesses hold teleconferences with the software. The security of the software is weak. Hackers are breaking into sessions and dropping bigoted and explicit content. A guy they interviewed on NPR said he was on Zoom defending his PhD thesis, when someone hacked into the video conference and started drawing a twig and berries, so to speak. Bad enough for this, but what are kids seeing from the hackers? The Zoom CEO has apologized, of course, and said he’ll put his entire team onto bumping up the software’s security instead of working on new features.

Sloppy stuff. The world isn’t ready for this shit.

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