3. Road Travel

Thursday April 2 2020

Ohio Confirmed cases: 2,902
Deaths: 81

I was passed by an RV on the highway today; heading north on I-75. An obviously high dollar Class A and it was as huge as a semi and absolutely spotless. They were towing a full-size pickup truck.

It had the look like a celebrity would travel in it, maybe a tour bus for the celeb or crew. Or probably just somebody stinking rich. As it moved away from me, the sun flashed in the silver mud flaps, continuously blinding me like flash bulbs on a camera.

Besides catching my eye by its grandeur, normally an RV is not something I would mention later. But we’re in a Shelter in Place situation, not only here in Ohio. Not even just in the United States. But the entire freaking planet is on shutdown.

Where are those rich people going? Maybe a resort or to their summer home in upstate New York? I don’t know whether to be jealous or annoyed at their ballsy travel plans. I guess I’m both.

It’s really a nice day out today. I had the windows down in the car and while waiting at a traffic light, I heard someone in the car next to me coughing up a lung. I rolled the windows back up.

Photo by Marcio Henrique from Pexels

As I’m traveling back and forth from the CPA office in Kettering, the traffic is lighter than usual, but there are still a lot of vehicles moving along with me. I wonder how many of us are in essential jobs and who is blowing off the Stay at Home orders. A sheriff was behind me for a short while on the connector and I wondered if they’re stopping any drivers to question their purpose for being out. What are our rights in this? If a cop stopped me, for any reason, and asked the reason I was on the roads, am I required to answer this? And if I said Nunya Business, would I get a special place in the backseat of the cruiser? Just curious. Asking for a friend.

National news coverage of Ohio and Mike DeWine’s shut-this-shit-down tough love has been all positive. Governor DeWine is praised for his quick and strong response to slowing the spread of the virus. Derek tells me this has been recognized in international news as well, with some calling us the United States of Ohio. I like that.

I admit that when DeWine announced closing all the restaurants a couple weeks ago, I was pretty pissed. I felt it was too much – not proportional to the risk and would just add to the fear behaviors we’re already seeing. I said some bad things about Mike DeWine that evening and I take them all back. I would make a terrible world leader. My motto would be: “You’re fine. Walk it off.”  

Also, just to note. I can’t remember the last time I put on makeup. Tried not using the curling iron on my hair last Friday, but that disaster went below even my threshold of good enough. I’m perfecting the slept-in-my-car look, though. It’s going to save all kinds of time.

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