144. Gotta mow before it snows

Wednesday April 21 2021

So, we need to hurry up and mow the grass before it snows.

And this is April in Ohio. A springtime vortex of weather patterns that no one could possibly predict. Even the professional-grade meteorologists were preparing us from anywhere from .001 to five inches of snow.

Sure, we’ve seen snow in April before. Any skirt-wearing Ohioan can share a story of wearing wedge-heeled sandals to an Easter service. But c’mon. This is late-April. We’re thinking about our flower beds here.  

Still. A bucket list for the retrievers in the house, this one last snowfall of the season. While the humans are complaining about inconvenience and such, my dogs are celebrating.

And you know, it is kinda pretty. Especially when you add a dog.

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