139. Call Me Peter

Monday March 15 2021

“My real name is Pete,” my dog told me in a dream last night. “But I’d appreciate it if you called me Peter.”

The morning sun greeted me with this WTF dream remnant and I’m still trying to make sense of it. I mean, it’s been eleven years and now he tells me?

This is Jack the Wonder Dog c.1989.

Sure, Micron came with his name, as has been protocol in my pet loving life. Between rescues and raising service dogs, I haven’t had the honor of naming a dog since 1988 and that special puppy was Jack. Also aptly known as Jack the Wonder Dog, as he went through life with a question mark floating over his head, bless his little heart. If I knew that would be the last time I was gonna have this naming power at my hands, I might have put more effort into it something grander than the single syllable Jack.

So now, the mighty Micron is telling me telepathically that he’s Peter. I decide to test this out when the dogs are lounging about the living room, thinking their quiet dog thoughts.

“Hey, Pete,” I say to the room at large.

“Peter,” I say, a little louder.

Holly opens her eyes to look at me, takes note that I’m not talking about anything food-related, and returns to her nap. Micron does not even twitch an eyelid. Experiment over.

Well, that was weirdly disappointing. I don’t know what I expected, yet I did have in mind something about past lives, thanks to Bailey in A Dog’s Purpose, so there’s that.

Call me anything, but don’t call me late for dinner.”

My dog. Probably.
The mighty Micron. Also Peter.

We’re still working with our veterinarian to see if there’s anything disreputable going on in that golden body of Micron’s. It was earlier this month (134. Dream Stuck) when this investigative journey into his weight loss started. Since then we’ve turned to an internal medicine specialist at our city’s Med Vet facilities who did another ultrasound and round of bloodwork. She found nothing wrong with his liver and said his blood results were excellent for a dog his age. All opposite of what I expected and I’m relieved, of course. Mostly. There’s still that little thread that I’m pulling on. Why the weight loss?

More tests are recommended, of course With the two veterinary professionals seeing different things, I’m on the fence about next steps. In the meantime, my dog has not changed in attitude, behavior, or eating and pooping. Everything is normal when measured on the Micron scale.

I will never not do the right thing by this dog of mine. I just need to figure out what that is.

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