133. Careful what you wish for

Sunday February 28 2021

“Ugh,” we say as we put on that second pair of insulating socks. “Sure wish winter was over so we can complain about summer being too hot.”

“Say no more.” says Ma Nature.

And the beautiful crystal snowscape is gone as if it never was. But this is like the Genie who gives you what you asked for, but with an evil twist.

Because now it’s raining. And I don’t know when it might stop.

We had more than a foot of snow in the yard, thanks to the last two storms this month. These past few days, the temps have bumped up from the teens to a springtime climate of 40s and 50s, cueing the Snow Queen to step aside for her ugly cousin, Mud, to take reign. So much mud. Thick, shoe-sucking mud.

And with three dogs, is it really mud that the melting snow has uncovered? I think every experienced dog owner has that special pair of boots for this season. Wish I knew where mine were.

I didn’t sleep well last night and so I listened to the different personalities of the rain falling on the awning outside the bedroom window. The soft misty rain brings a feeling of peace. It’s a calming sound with a promise of the coming season of renewal. I would start to drift to sleep, lulled by these thoughts when the rainclouds shouted out a Just Kidding, Sucka, and went all John Wick on the awning. Good lawdy, is it raining water balloons now?

And that’s when a girl’s thoughts turn to mud.

I hate the stuff, it is truly my enemy. An affront to all things good and pure.

Don’t walk through … ok, whatever.

“Ugh,” I say as I retrieve my shoe out of the earth’s wet and sticky maw. “Sure wish this rain would stop, so I could complain about it being cold again.”

Well, says Ma Nature. It ain’t springtime yet, baby …

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