123. Stay Positive & Test Negative

Thursday December 31 2020

We’re staying in tonight and not just because I’m still in a mandated quarantine due to being a member of the COVID Cootie Club. We never go anywhere on New Year’s Eve, a holiday also referred to as Amateur’s Night. It’s just not prudent.

And I like staying home, where I can fall asleep on the sofa with a dog curled by my side, long before the ball drops in Times Square. It feels like bad luck to break such a time-honored tradition. And this is no time to take ill-advised chances.

I’m mostly recovered from the coronavirus, with only a bit of fatigue hanging on. It wasn’t that horribly bad, these past few weeks, but trying to keep up with the latest news was something I just couldn’t bring to the table. For the sake of capturing this journey, let’s do a quick update of the current goings-on.

And perhaps most appropriate for the last day of 2020, how about a wrap-up of the pandemic? It’s rather sobering, so turn to your coping mechanism of choice before clicking. I’m not kidding. A Pandemic Atlas: How COVID-19 took over 2020.

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