102. Debating our future

Saturday October 24 2020

Chatter this week has been who won the final presidential debate, with the clear champion being the moderator who was successful in keeping the thing from catching on fire. None of the chaos that we saw the last time. Even better, we got the stuff we need, like full sentences and completed thoughts on their plans for our future America.

Trump supporters felt that because he “toned down the New York,” it made him more likeable to the more sensitive among our citizens. And that’s why early voting is a bad thing, say the Trumpers, because this debate could change the way they vote. Which is a point I hadn’t considered, but really, I’ve not met anyone who has been undecided in their choice. Actually, most people seem to be rather militant about how they feel. These debates are used to support what they already believe, not change allegiances.

As we get closer to the election, just a few days away now, my anxiety is increasing. The chasm between Us vs. Them for anyone who looks/thinks/votes differently has been widening incrementally over the last few years. Voices that were once tamped down, today have volume.

People kid around that they can’t wait for the election to be over so they can like their friends again. And I feel the same way every time I log onto social media or get caught in a political conversation. But, truth be told, at a certain level I appreciate the diversity and exchange of ideologies.

Eleven days until the election.

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