96. Navigating amid chaos

Wednesday September 30 2020

The first presidential debate aired last night, and with all the shouting, name-calling, insults, and talking over each other, there is no clear winner. Actually, if anyone wasn’t already sure who they wanted to vote for, this melee ain’t gonna help. Gads.

Right? You can find this and other such fine handcrafted items on Etsy.

Another mention of yesterday is that it was the kinda day that takes the death-by-a-thousand-papercuts concept into screw-the-system-let’s-just-suck-her-soul-out-right-now. And I had a bit of a breakdown.

Nothing major or anything I’ve not seen before. But it has been awhile since I visited that lower level of my psyche.

You know what’s harder than holding strong in the face of adversity?

Maintaining the façade of it.

So I allowed myself a limited few minutes of self-pity, then transitioned to anger, because holy cow, it’s pretty fucking empowering when you can shift away from victim mode.

But still. What didn’t change was the weight of it all. I was still behind on commitments and had to overcome the distractions commanding my attention. I was not in a good place.

Especially not for watching the presidential debate, which in today’s color commentaries was unprecedented in its very essence. There is one word consistently used among all the aftermath chatter.


Viewers cannot agree. Was it a train wreck or a dumpster fire? Some say it resembled a multi-car pile-up on the freeway. This morning’s FB posts were boasts of endurance, declaring how long any one individual could watch before either giving up or at least making a drinking game of it.

The whole thing started off by breaking the conventions of civility by avoiding the pre-game handshake, presumably due to COVID-19 guidelines, but of course not. Trump went in full-frontal aggression with intent to throw Biden off his game with a constant barrage of interruptions. Biden held it together, mostly, only calling the president a clown once. There was a “Will you shut up, man?” requested by Biden and a controversial comment by Trump directed to a white supremacists group to “stand back and stand by,” which some are interpreting as a Wait signal to future violence should the November election not go in Trump’s favor. And was Biden wearing a wire to receive coaching during the debate, even though there was no evidence of an earpiece?

Indeed, unprecedented.

What a dog pile. No offense to yard turds. 

This is a real ad. Because 2020.

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