86. RBF Revisited

Wednesday September 2 2020

Of all the timely topics I listed in yesterday’s post, let’s cover a couple things that need to be captured for the future generations.


I want to say that all this mask-wearing is messing with my resting bitch face.

I’m told that I employ a particular facial expression when in the presence of an individual who has violated my sense of social norms. I’ve never seen this look myself, for obvious reasons, but as I understand it, a two-second glare can encourage an individual to question their life choices.

Like the incident I talked about on August 16 at Snotty Situation where a guy actually lowers his mask to sneeze.

Well, then I got to see this little piece of history happen. So, as I’m walking past the self-checkout area at Kroger, my own procured goods secured in the shopping cart, my attention is drawn to the sound of a wet sneeze. An rather impressive expectoration truly worthy of a Bless  You, because surely the very soul of this unfortunate was expelled by the sound of things.  

And as before, I meet eyes with a guy, but this time there is no mask to lower to fully release the nasal tickle. No, this guy wet-sneezed into the palm of his hand and not breaking eye contact with me, he wipes it on his pants.

At the self-checkout.

I swear, if I wasn’t wearing a mask I could have taken him down. I think my soft hazel eyes are too kind-looking or something. I need the full facial frontal, so to speak.

Look, I’m not a mask vigilante. Wear one or don’t, I’m not your mother. But good grief, there are a few people out there who could consider some due diligence to keep their cooties in check.

You know who you are.

I’m looking at you.

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