83. Let’s refocus

Monday August 24 2020

A Quinnipiac poll in June showed Governor DeWine’s approval rating at an all-time high of 75%. His approval among his fellow Republicans is 76 percent, among independents it’s 74 percent, and among Democrats it’s 81 percent.


In the face of the high approval ratings for Governor DeWine, among the highest of any US governor, four Ohio Representatives have joined forces to draft impeachment articles against our beloved leader, the first time in more than a hundred years to happen to a sitting Ohio governor.

He’s a “Governor Gone Wild” they say.

Representatives John Becker, Candace Keller, Nino Vitale, Paul Zeltwanger have been critical of DeWine in many of his policies, but have ramped up since the coronavirus mandates started. They targeted Amy Acton, as well, calling her a dictator.

This isn’t even a democrat vs. republican Hatfield-McCoy thing. They’re all Republicans, with these particular four Reps being ultra-conservative.

Vitale has been outspoken against the mask mandate and has asked Ohio citizens to stop getting tested because “it is giving the government the excuse to claim something is happening when it’s not happening at the magnitude they say it is happening.” (source: https://www.facebook.com/RepVitale/photos/a.459723430772379/3042894179121945/?type=3)  

You know, like more testing means more cases. If y’all could just go ahead and stop getting positive results from your COVID-19 tests, that would be great.


I get it, though. The shutdowns have destroyed small business and the livelihoods of so many. Some people got a bit of relief from the $600/week unemployment, which for many was higher than what they were bringing home before. Then there are people in situations similar to mine, where we wouldn’t have been eligible. Now the benefits have stopped and the eviction moratoriums for renters have ended as well. The news is full of stories about people getting 3-day eviction notices on their doors without a prior notice.

If things were sideways before, lives have not just flipped upside-down, but instead The Fates have hit the puree button on the blender.

The four Ohio reps are complaining about wearing masks, too. Taking it on like this is taking the freedom of choice away from Ohio’s people. Not really worth the conversation when we’re looking at the issue of failed businesses and the newly homeless of our marginalized communities.

It’s not likely the impeachment articles will move to further action. But that’s not the point.

It’s more about the energy spent on such a thing. Let’s rebuild the foundation for our small businesses to succeed and get our Ohioans back to work.

But with good health protocol in place, of course. We’re on course to report our 4,000th COVID-19 related death in Ohio this week.

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