75. Tough Test

Thursday August 6 2020

Our beloved and courageous leader of the United States of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine, announced today that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. Trump was in Ohio today, I don’t know who invited him, but DeWine was unable to meet with him in person as planned. DeWine and his wife will quarantine at their home in Cedarville for a couple of weeks. He doesn’t have any symptoms yet and I hope that doesn’t change.

Meanwhile, the anti-maskers are all “so, how’s wearing that mask working out for you, huh?” And he had to explain again how the face mask is intended to protect others, not the wearer.

I admit I don’t understand how it works when you test positive for the virus, especially when the person is asymptomatic. I get the two week quarantine thing, but does that mean you can expect to be safe for public outings afterwards? Do you develop the precious antibodies if you’ve never had symptoms?

And for the record, with the exception of our two friends in Indiana, I don’t know of anyone else in my personal circle that has either tested positive for COVID-19 or has had symptoms. But we’re only a few months in, so that can change any day to surprise me. Like the DeWine announcement.

I wasn’t aware that DeWine had a home in Cedarville, where some of my family is. My Aunt Vicki has lived there for years and arranged for my Grandma Black to be in nearby assisted care. Actually, I discovered last year that I’m related to the Galloway’s, pioneers into wild Ohio who settled in Cedarville before it was even a name. The family was influential in development of that part of the Greene County region.

Yeah, ok. Before the day is done, we hear that Governor DeWine’s results from another test have come back negative. Apparently, he submitted to two tests. The rapid-result test, which is known for false positives, was first reported. Then the second test, which, for common citizens, usually takes days or weeks to get results, showed him as not having coronavirus.

So now that this information is in our faces, wagging its finger at us, we can’t simply ignore it. How can we take the stats behind the number of cases with any seriousness? How many false positives are being counted? Worse, how many people are in a forced quarantine losing income and any real contact with the outside world?

It’s been almost six months since the massive changes to our lives started and we’re all getting very sick of it all. The misinformation and unreliable tests are causing all these programs to lose any street cred.

Sure, this is still new, as things go. There’s much to be learned in how to manage a pandemic that showed up with a virus that nobody had an immune system to battle against.

But we’ve got to get a real grip on the number of cases reported. Because you know what? The more false cases reported, the lower the death ratio becomes. And we lose how deadly this thing really is.

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