58. Everybody’s talking at me

Wednesday July 15 2020

Numbers are spiking in Ohio.

The number of cases claimed are inflated.

The coronavirus is a hoax.

Okay, maybe it’s real, but no worse than the regular flu. It will disappear after the November election.

What’s the harm in just wearing a mask for God’s sake?  Even if it we don’t have proof it helps, It’s not like it’s going to hurt you while we figure this out.

It’s a violation of my rights to mandate wearing a mask. This is a free country.

We’re getting closer to a vaccine.

The vaccine is going to be mandatory as dictated by Bill Gates. And it will have a microchip in it for tracking purposes.

It’s not about you. The mask is to protect others in case you’re infected.

I’m not sick. The government just wants to see how easy it is to control the sheep.

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