51. Sticker who must be obeyed

Sunday July 5 2020

The Median Age of confirmed cases is lowering on Ohio’s COVID-19 chart. The trend appears to similar across the country as young people are participating in more group events.

YOLO, right? Isn’t that what the young folk say these days?

The City of Dayton has put in place a mandated mask order with a fine of $85 for those caught in a public venue without a mask. Cincinnati followed with their own order, but with a lower fine and they’re providing masks as needed. With municipalities across the nation slamming down on the mask thing, students at the University of Alabama are reported to be having COVID parties where an infected person is the guest of honor. Participants put money in a pot and whoever tests positive first wins the cash prize. A quote by a Tuscaloosa council member is “it makes no sense.” She’s not wrong.

Meanwhile, in Florida coronavirus cases top 200,000 with 40,000 cases in just four days. According to MSNBC, Florida beat their single day record yesterday, Independence Day, with 11,458 new cases. By contrast, Ohio’s new cases were less than 1,000.

I worry when I hear that Montgomery County is the new Ohio viral hotbed. Meanwhile Florida is all hold my beer. Some very real problems down there. My guess is the increased tourism as we move into summer and the beaches are opened with few restrictions. I don’t know how you can enforce the six-feet rule on a crowded beach when I can’t even get the woman behind me in the grocery line to comply.

Which is true. Yesterday’s Kroger trip had a woman move into my space at the checkout. I hadn’t even paid yet and she’s slapping her Kroger brand salted butter on the belt right next to me. The cashier told her to move back to the sticker on the floor and wait. This happened twice. “We’re all wearing masks,” says the woman. “What’s the problem?”

I shrug, trying to tone things down. The cashier was rather rough about it and I feel embarrassed despite doing nothing wrong.

“Right?” I say. “It’s not like we’re hugging or something.”

“That would be weird,” says the woman. Totally serious.

OK, we’re done here, lady. Go stand on your sticker.

This chart, and similar to it, are being shared by health agencies to help people understand their level of risk as they stop pretending they were quarantining when they had no intention to do any such thing.

As they say, everything that’s enjoyable is either immoral, illegal, fattening, or cootie-coated with a deadly virus.

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