38. Opposition

Tuesday June 2 2020

Oh, FFS. Can we go back to worrying about COVID-19, please? This super-bug has no discrimination or bigotry. It is an Equal Rights virus.

Our country is imploding. Like a match to the drapes, this new fever is spreading without thought.

Every opinion is stated as a fact of absolutes. If you’re talking more about the riots than you are about a black man dying at the hands of a cop, you’re a racist. If you say All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter, you don’t understand what’s happening. If you say, “I agree with all this, but,” you’re the whitest of the Privileged; totally clueless. Don’t give examples of why you’re not racist, because in spite of having black friends in your circle, you obviously have issues with race. All cops are bastards. The city is burning and why won’t the cops do anything to keep control? And for the holy sake of mankind, don’t even say you’re colorblind, you mindless fucking idiot.  

And this is how the loudest voices rock the world. Maybe not the most balanced, or possibly even intellectual, but the emotive and strident.

“Hold on a sec. Can we talk about … “

“What? You don’t agree? You’re the problem then.”

I’m not seeing conversations right now. No banter. No exchange of how others are experiencing these events. Only monologues and memes. It’s all “if you’re not completely in our camp, you’re the reason we’re oppressed.”

And that worries me.

It becomes a mob mentality. Not all voices are going to be heard.

Our divisiveness is reaching extremes and we, as a nation, are unbalanced.

Until last week, I was entertaining the thought of sharing these posts online in one of my blogs. Now I’m double-guessing this choice.

Because truthfully, I’m afraid to have my voice heard. I don’t want to be labeled just because I want to think this through, to take a deeper look at things. To have a conversation without being struck dumb because my viewpoint is not an absolute.

Which is how the strongest voices win.


August 23 2020

Because you’re reading this now, it’s apparent I’ve decided to put myself out there in the face of opposing opinions and judgement.

Sure, this is soon to be history, but it’s personal and part of my story. I’m willing to square my shoulders and stand by my views of what is happening in the world around me.

There’s no glory in meekness.

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