36. Shopping discounts

Friday May 29 2020

I saw a video posted yesterday of a Minneapolis Target store being looted. I don’t know who was recording, but maybe they get credit for taking a moment from criminal behavior to mark this moment in time for the rest of us. It was stomach-churning to watch, really.

Some people were walking, others running. And there were people just strolling about with shopping carts overflowing. Everyone was stealing shit like it was their right to do so. Of course, electronics were a big hit, so to speak, but I did see some practical-minded folk gathering towels, bed linens, and clothing. I’m wondering if anyone thought to go to the beauty aisle and grab a bunch of Olay eye cream. I’ve actually had to drop the product from my morning routine as it doesn’t fit in our new COVID-budget. The stuff’s too pricey, with a retail price of $26 for less than an ounce. A looter could grab at least a couple hundred dollars worth, easy-peasy smooth-not-greasy, and resell it wherever such things are done.

I’m thinking if one person posted a video on social media, certainly others have as well. Plus the store has security cameras at the check-outs and doors. But will any action be taken to attempt to identify and punish these opportunistic thieves? There’s a cost to Target to identify, find, and prosecute each individual. And what will they receive in return? Not much. Don’t know about Target, but usually companies of this behemoth size are self-insured. The company could write off this massive business loss and pass it off to the consumers in higher prices, along with reducing staffing hours and benefits.

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