29. Looking for the seventh sign

Tuesday May 19 2020

So, it’s raining. And it won’t stop. Flash flood warnings topped off by a tornado watch. We just need frogs falling from the sky as the Seventh Sign. Which I mentioned to my book publisher boss and his response was “don’t the murder hornets count?”

I encountered two traffic accidents on my way home yesterday from the CPA’s office. Actually three, if we consider I came by the same one twice when I got lost making a detour and ended up going full circle. Both looked rather serious, which one being a full on t-bone, blocking both directions on the Trotwood connector. The rain always brings on stuff like this, but I realized it’s been a while since I’ve seen any bad car accidents on my commute.

More people are out on the road now than there were for the past few weeks. Time to be hypervigilant again on the highways.

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