27. Living history

Monday May 11 2020

Right, so what did I do for Mother’s Day? Two loads of laundry and dinner. Got a Wendy’s lunch, so didn’t have to prepare that meal. These are weird times, y’all.

A recent posting on FB went on about a time when 3,000 U.S. citizens died and we all cried for weeks and continue to mourn to this day. But now we see 3,000 people in our nation dying every day from COVID-19 and we are just shrugging our shoulders at the number. The initial reference was to the 9/11 terrorist attack, of course; an event that has changed so much – from the way we travel to our targeted xenophobia of anyone suspected of middle eastern heritage.

I’m not sure how I feel about the post. The terrorist attack on our home turf was horrendous. In addition to the death toll of innocents, it collectively took away the confidence that we’re safe as long as we’re home.

But time has passed and this new generation reaching maturity doesn’t have a living memory of the 2001 event. It’s been nearly nineteen years since we watched this nightmarescape unfold before us on a television screen. Assuming an individual was five years old when it happened and would have an awareness of the change in their world, anyone born after 1996 would only know about it as lore; stories as told to them. This means those who graduating from college this year don’t have a tactile memory of how those nearly 3,000 souls who were taken by the hands of a culture who hates us.

The upcoming generation of leaders and influencers can’t reasonably relate the two events – 9/11 and COVID-19 – together for perspective. So, are they shrugging their shoulders at the impossibility of the death toll numbers? I really don’t think so. How could they when the fear mongering is wearing a face mask?

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